A custom behaviour tree including the editor to make the behaviour nice and shiny.


2019 and older

A shader that includes an outline, pulsating rim-lighting, specular and diffuse lighting with steps.


Here I played around with recursive elements.


Image Effect Shader / Post Processing in Unity.

Some of the thoughts behind a 3rd Person camera.

University Project - Redesigning an interface with a new theme.


I worked at thoughtfish for 6 months as a programming intern. The main task was Front End and Back End for the game Farmstead (AR Mobile Game). Besides that there were a few smaller projects. 


Here's the employment reference.

Jobreference Thoughtfish (German)
Adobe Acrobat Dokument 55.6 KB


GravityGolf was a project at my university. It was the first time I've coded a game for mobile devices and the first time I've coded in a team. The second programmer was Onur Özkan. We've did a lot of pair prog­ramming and the result speaks for itself! 

PixelStalker is my first private project (we were a group of 3 people). The idea was to make pixel version of S.T.A.L.K.E.R. There's quite a lot of func­tions: Saving/Load­ing Data, Inven­tory, a logbook, a rough menu­struc­ture and health/food/drinking/radia­tion system. There's still only the test­level though.

AgnesDoll was a university project. We were a team of 3 people. It's a simple horror game and got by far the most recognition with almost 8.000 views and over 2.000 downloads on itch.io.